Solid Fuel Boiler

Axinar's solid fuel boiler is an innovative product with three patents. Its main special characteristics are:

  • The combustion chamber is wave-shaped so that the exchange heat surface becomes 70% larger, resulting to higher boiler performance.
  • The boiler is equipped with an electronic circuit that controls its operation.
  • The boiler is controlled by a Lambda sensor and is constructed according to the European standards EN 303-5 and 97/23, in order to achieve CE certification.
  • The air flow is controlled by the Lambda sensor in a way that all incoming air is burnt, resulting to a high increase in boiler performance.
  • It has a built-in heat exchanger for handling of the extra heat, for safety reasons.
  • When the boiler is out of fuel or a large amount of fuel is loaded in the boiler, the machine notifies the user through a thermostat message (audio-visual) (patent).
  • In case of a sudden power cut, the air is shut off (patent) and after a small period of time the boiler stops operating.
  • The large-sized combustion chamber is specially built so as to reduce the necessary fuel feeding during a 24h day (2 or 3 times).


Technical characteristics

  • The boiler is constructed using excellent quality certified sheet iron 1.0037.
  • Air flow is achieved through a double fan with controlled rounds in 15 steps.
  • The boiler is externally coated with excellent quality sheet iron (electrostatic paint) and is insulated with non-flammable mineral wool.
  • The combustion chamber has a water-cooled rack made of high quality tubes. The ash tray has enough space to hold the ashes from one ton of dry fuel.
  • The boiler can burn all types of solid fuel – wood logs, coal, compact seed core, briquettes.


Combustion Chamber

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Electronic Control Panel

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Flue gas control

Flue gas control with a lambda sensor

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Βlower and magnetic damper


During all production stages there is extensive quality control, carefully checking the welding and electric circuit.


For any further information and/or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to help you.

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