Fan air supply

Fan air supply

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    A fan is installed for supplying air to the combustion chamber. To achieve efficient combustion without wasting fuel, the boiler must have a way to measure the required amount of air needed. The best way to measure is by lambda sensors, which directly measure the excess of oxygen and feed the boiler with air burned exactly.

    An alternative measure is to use the exhaust gas thermometer. With the thermometer we try to indirectly measure the machine’s excess oxygen and power. This way we achieve a relative/non-precise control. Any other form of controlling fan speed is made for commercial reasons and lacks any engineering sense. To make it more clear, the water temperature with the amount of air are not linearly related.

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    The draft of the chimney is highly variable and depends on three factors: a. is, b. , and c. the conditions in the environment (e.g. temperature, wind speed).

    1. how clean the chimney,
    2. the temperature, and
    3. the conditions in the environment (e.g. temperature, wind speed).

    Finally, the boiler’s resistance to the air flow has to do with the amount of wood in the boiler, the amount of ash and residues that clog the air route etc.

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