General Questions

General Questions

  • Can a solid fuel boiler have a thermostat? Open or Close

    Of course it can! It’s a matter of evolution and progress. The old wood boilers without today's technology and the electronic control were not able to have any kind of automation. Nowadays, through the control of combustion air and the quantity of fuel, we can enjoy the comfort that we would have with a gas or oil boiler.

    Axinar boiler controls four thermostats operating as an autonomy panel, it increases the intensity of the flame when the house needs it and simply maintains the fire if the house does not need further heating.

  • Panel or the traditional heaters? Open or Close

    Traditional heaters have older technology. Panel heaters are more efficient because they give less inertia as they have less water, they give more water flow speed inside increasing their performance and for the same external volume they give bigger heat exchange area.

    In any case, it is very important to carefully choose their size.

  • It’s a wood-fired boiler so tar will be present for sure. Open or Close

    Tar is a natural byproduct produced in all single combustion boilers. The tar in a wood boiler is produced by liquefaction of gases. The liquefaction temperature of tar is 63 degrees. When the temperature of the surface which abuts the smoke is above 63 degrees, the tar remains gas. In order for the combustion chamber to have a temperature of over 63 degrees when the chamber is water cooled, the temperature of water should stay over 55 degrees. This is achieved by a three-way mixing valve that ensures the lowest temperature of incoming water or simply by turning on the ZNX function of Axinar boiler.

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