Installation, damage, accessories and replacement parts

Installation, damage, accessories and replacement parts

  • Very nice boiler, but it’s too complicated and difficult to be installed. Open or Close

    On the contrary! The Axinar boiler is very simple to install and requires only one button to be pressed by the user on the control panel to be put into operation.

    • When the burner is off, the operator simply presses start-up so the boiler “knows” that fuel has entered and is ready to be burnt. All other settings, such as fan control, solenoid valve and thermostat are automatically calculated by the electronic system.
    • In addition, the electronic system can automatically control the oil boiler (if present in the system) and the buffer tank without any intervention by the operator for valves and switches settings.

    In an oil boiler 6 tubes and 6 cables are needed. The menu service of the boiler helps make the operational control of all connected components (solenoid valves, circulators, thermostats). Also the boiler has a log system keeping data for operating hours and faults.

    • The electronic components are pre-installed, tested and adjusted.
    • Autonomy panel, hydrostat and separate panel for the control of the boiler and the buffer tank are not necessary.
    • Allboilers havethe sameoutputsandinputs, hot and coldwater, chimney and payer.Whatever happens to the boiler, all the accessories are the same for all boilers in the market.
  • If there is a problem in an electronic part of the boiler we will freeze Open or Close

    Like any other device, it is possible that Axinar’s boiler might have a problem or damage. However, the self-diagnosis system helps timely response to potential damage.

    • For simple faults where there is no risk to the security of the system, there is always an alternative function. For example if the lambdasensor has a problem, the boiler recognizes it and a warning message is shown on the display. The boiler continues its function with the help of the fan and without the sensor, as many other boilers do. Of course the fuel economy decreases but the house is still warm. The same thing happens in 14 situations. In case of full damage of the board (e.g. from lighting) the pump works with some sort of bridge and the house is kept warm until there is a replacement.
    • The boiler has been designed with two independent power supplies and toroidal transformer in order for the circuit to have maximum safety and stability when facing any change in voltage.
  • How many pressure secure switches does a boiler need to be safe? Could I use less for economy purposes? Open or Close

    The damage that can be done when trying to cut off 30-100 euro in fittings costs is a lot greater! Caution! Two pressure protective switches at 3 or 2,5 bars and one safety valve at 95 degrees are the minimum requirements for a boiler’s installation.

    • In addition to proper installation of secure switches, you should pay particular attention to water disposal. The water disposed by safety switches has a temperature of 95 to 130 degrees. So it is necessary that the water will be lead at a low point in order for the user to avoid getting burnt but at the same time it should be at a point where the user will be able to recognize any potential problem in the installation.
    • Finally, the safety switches must be connected directly after the boiler without other interventions by valves or other switches. This way the boiler can relieve pressure through the safety switches.

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