Purchase, Warranty and Certifications

Purchase, warranty and certifications

  • Life expectancy of the boiler Open or Close

    The life of a machine that has been designed according to EN303-5, is estimated at 25 years and is guaranteed by the regulation. In Greece, nobody has installed machines for more than 25 years. There are a few exceptions. Also the previous construction cannot guarantee for one that is manufactured almost a whole generation later. The European directions and proper engineering design can guarantee the life of the boiler.

  • Warranty of the boiler and terms of warranty Open or Close

    The boiler’s warranty is provided to the buyer by law. The law protects the buyer and states that in case of any damage covered by the warranty, this means that either there is a manufacturer’s fault or the machine is defective and needs to be replaced. The law states that the warranty on mechanical parts is 2 years and for the electronic parts 1 year. Within this period, for any damage the boiler may present, our company covers 100% the replacement costs (transportation, labor, parts, accommodation etc.).

    Caution! The only condition of Axinar for the guarantee of its boilers is for the installation to meet the minimum standards. This means that there should be at least two pressure safety valves, one coil valve and a voltage stabilizer.

  • Should I buy the boiler without paying any taxes? Open or Close

    Under no circumstances should you buy anything without a receipt! Axinar is opposed to practices that are against the law. Moreover, according to the law, only the receipt or invoice can indicate the date and the store of purchase. Any legal claim, from a simple defect up to compensation claim for any machine, begins from the date of purchase shown on the receipt.

    Also, the owner's responsibility is to choose licensed plumbers and electricians. In any other case any legal right is not recognized by the courts.

  • Why do we need C.E. certification? Open or Close

    The Regulation contains the experience of all manufacturers in Europe since 1974 when the first version was composed. This means that it contains all instructions and limitations necessary to build reliable machines with as little disruption as possible, leaving the innovation to the hands of each manufacturer. The regulation:

    • Is constantly updated taking into account any new manufacturing technologies and monitoring and observations of all manufacturers of Europe on the construction and operation of machinery (accidents, failures etc.).
    • Provides all types of materials, dimensions, types of welding allowed, minimum security restrictions, and minimum exhaust emission standards.

    In a few words, the regulation is necessary and must be followed by all manufacturers.

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