Type of boiler

Type of boiler

  • Cast iron or fire brick boilers are better because they store heat Open or Close

    There is a myth about the heat capacity of materials. The energy which is stored in a liter of water is 8.4 times more than the energy which is stored in a kilo of metal. As far as the boiler is concerned, the water occupies the 1/5-1/3 of the total weight. It is estimated that 80% of the heat is stored in the water and not in the metal.

  • Gasification boiler: pros & cons Open or Close

    A quality gasification boiler can be 20% cheaper in fuel consumption compared to a simple combustion quality boiler. The main requirement in order to achieve this outcome in fuel consumption is that wood must have a level of moisture under 16%. When humidity levels are higher than 16%, a gasification boiler cannot start or it consumes more wood, even compared to a simple boiler. This is happening because the boiler is designed and manufactured for consuming a specific type of fuel.

  • The wood boiler needs twice as many calories in comparison to the oil boiler Open or Close

    Calories are always the same, no matter what the heating source is. So 30,000 calories is a standard value of heat, even if it is achieved by wood or solar energy or nuclear energy.

    The problem is how to count the calories in a wood boiler. The standard EN303-5 is common for all boiler manufacturers to be truly comparable boilers together. In a period of 2-hour burning in maximum power, we take the first measurement. The boiler is connected with a recording equipment and there is no intervention by anyone. Then another measurement is taken at 30% of maximum power with one recharge the boiler with fuel.

    After a mathematical calculation of the measurements, the rated power of the machine is output. A Greek, a German, a Korean, or any other boiler measured with this process are called e.g. 60 kW and give us exactly the same outcome with a 60kW oil boiler.

    But the power in an oil boiler is arranged by a technician from the machine settings and is stable. In a wood boiler power output depends on the quantity and quality of wood. So a small increase in power is justified, but it cannot be doubled or tripled!

    The practical rule for 10.000-20.000 calories for every square meter of heating surface is correct but only for counting the size of the boiler during the design phase. It is not considered a reliable method and is not accepted by the regulation for calculating boiler power. Of course, those who have knowledge about heat transfer, understand that as far as a wood boiler is concerned, this transfer cannot be 18.000 or 25.000 calories for every square meter.

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