Wood solid fuel

Wood solid fuel

  • Should I buy wood by cubic meter or by ton? Open or Close

    By cubic meter! The volume of the wood doesn’t change no matter how dry the wood is! Ten cubic meters of wood are always 10 cubic meters, and 10 tons of fresh wood can become up to 6 tons when they dry. Besides, the cubic may be measured by a meter, even at home, while ton needs scale and it is very easy for the client to be misleaded.

  • I purchased wood 6 months ago, is it dry? Open or Close

    Not necessarily! The wood logs are dried just like clothes; through water vaporization in dry atmosphere. Clothes dry easier when the wind blows and when the weather is hot and dry. Wood needs similar conditions. We cannot expect for the wood to dry under a staircase where the humidity level is high and there is no air circulation. General rule: do not put the wood to dry in a place where you wouldn’t hang clothes to dry!

  • What is the ideal humidity for the wood? Open or Close

    There is no standard percentage for all types of wood and for all regions. There is wood which has a high level of humidity which will never fall below 25%, and there is wood that can easily drop to 10%. Another factor is the region. In different regions the same wood may have a declination of 5% in humidity.

    Caution: In general, wood must be stored 12 to 24 months before burning.

  • What is the humidity percentage a wood log must have in order to be burned? Open or Close

    A wood log evaporates internally at first. Afterwards its temperature rises up to 400°C and then it starts to be gasified and burnt. After that moment, the excess heat begins to warm the water in the boiler. The drier the wood, the more the excess heat to heat the boiler water.

    As a general rule, a humidity percentage of 20% is quite acceptable; under 16% is the ideal percentage. When wood humidity is over 50%, the internal energy is not sufficient enough to evaporate the water content!

  • Let’s put some damp wood logs together with the dry ones. We will have a better combustion. Open or Close

    Under no circumstances should you put wet wood to the boiler. The mixture of dried and wet wood may produce a fire that will last for a longer period of time, giving the illusion that the boiler consumes less fuel. In fact, an additional quantity of energy is necessary in order to evaporate the extra humidity. In other words, the water amount inside damp wood will absorb the heat from the rest of the fire in order to dry and then be able to be burnt.

  • I have burned 4 times more wood than I had expected. Open or Close

    The energy-heat produced heats the water or is lost through the smoke. It cannot just disappear!

    To achieve greater performance, it would be good to check the following:

    • The quantity of air. Inside the boiler there is drained air by convention of the chimney and from the fan. The amount of air that will burn is about the size of the outbreak. If the air is excessive (more than enough) then it binds useful heat which is lost in the atmosphere.
    • The air flowing. In some cases, if the boiler is not properly designed or if the air is not diffused properly although its amount is correct, carbon monoxide and unburned pollutants are produced. Due to imperfect combustion of the above materials, a large quantity of heat is lost.
    • If the combustion chamber is covered with tar. Tar in addition to the corrosive action is also thermo insulating. Because of the tar heat loss is large and the difference in temperature may reach 20 degrees!
    • The humidity of wood.
    • The humidity of wood. Όταν αγοράζουμε 1 τόνο ξύλα με υγρασία 40% παίρνουμε 600 κιλά ξύλα και 400 κιλά νερό! Αν τα κάψουμε πριν στεγνώσουν θα κάψουμε 100 κιλά ξύλα για να ξεράνουμε τα 400 κιλά νερό. Τα υπόλοιπα 500 κιλά θα ζεστάνουν το σπίτι. Σε αυτό το απλό παράδειγμα καίμε τη διπλάσια ποσότητα ξύλων λόγω της υγρασίας.
    • Residues of combustion. The perfect combustion produces only a small amount of ash which looks like powder without any coal inside. Inallothercases we don’t have a proper combustion.

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