Corporate Profile

We love creating to fulfill customer's desires

Axinar is a new fast-growing company with export activities that cover almost 90% of its production. It was established in 2010, in Thessaloniki from experienced mechanical & informatics engineers that emphasize in innovation.

Axinar’s initial activity included log wood and pellet boilers & burners. Today there can be found a wider range of products/services. More precisely our new products/services are:

  • Agricultural Implements
  • Log Splitters
  • Outdoor Heating System
  • Pellet Heating Units
  • Oil Separator
  • CAD/CFD Services

Axinar’s main Values are:

  • High Quality & Efficiency, all our products are certified with CE .
  • The Customer Satisfaction, we have built our business network by references.
  • Respect to the environment, our products are class 5 with low CO2 emissions.


Some of our biggest clients: