What is the money saving benefit for me from the installation of a pellet boiler?

Axinar’s pellet boilers are the most cost-efficient solution in heating systems. Our customers benefit from a 50% reduction in the cost of heating compared to oil and up to 30% compared to natural gas, while the estimated payback time of our systems is 1 to 3 years, depending on their use.

What are pellets?
Are pellets a renewable energy source?
What is the cost of pellet fuel?
What are the quality standards of pellets? What kinds of pellets are there?
Should the boilers have some certification?
Can Axinar products fall into European energy subsidiary programs requirements?
Which is the best way to store pellets? Can pellets spoil?
How often should I perform maintenance to my boiler?
What is the cost of maintenance of the boiler?
How often should I clean the boiler ash container?
How often should I fuel the boiler with pellets?
What is the expected lifetime of a boiler?
What is the impact of pellet fuel on the environment?
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